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Welcome to Startup Media SG

Media isn't always front and centre of a startup's many concerns. At Startup Media SG, we hope to help your business grow by making use of the wide array of media tools available! Don't hesitate to let us know what you need and we'll be glad to work together with you to achieve it!

Food For Thought


Light bulb!

A quick google on 'Startups' will yield many images splattered with light bulbs, signifying new, bright and great ideas- the first impression of what a startup ought to be about.

However, it is only those who can keep the creative 'light bulbs' alive, that last. Mundane but necessary things like accounting, planning, supply chain management and of course, marketing & media management, are essential to get those bright ideas off the ground!

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Roadmap or Compass?

Very often, startups who seek advice from more experienced mentors are looking for specific things they need to get done. Roadmaps are easy to 'copy and paste', but like old maps, they quickly lose their relevance as things change so rapidly. We believe in the calibrating one's direction, so that the company will be better positioned to tackle unexpected situations.

If you need a compass for your media plan, drop us a message!



A very powerful 4 letter word.

Planning is necessary but too much planning can lead to messy projects, bloated budgets or confused workers. In all our productions, we allocate a suitable time frame for discussions, production and post productions. Keeping our planning meets to only what is essential helps speed things up and saves everybody's precious time!